Watercolor Mingling with Anne Abgott

December 8th, 10am-3pm

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Truly a class about MINGLING . Using the pigments that Anne has worked with for 20 years, creating shadows that glow with warmth and vibrancy! The pigments that” like “ each other and don’t make the dreaded Mud ! We will be using transparent pigments but also granulating paints for the sandy surface that the chair is sitting on. I will also show you how I technically enhanced my photo to get these glowing colors. Mask neatly only the very narrow white line where the brim of the hat hits the body of the hat , the tips of the back chair slats. The white shape on the slat between the thigh and raised leg. Please have your drawing done ahead of the class. I will be working small on 300 lb paper for teaching purposes but you are welcome to work whatever size you choose. Please have a black and white copy made of the picture. Have a camera handy for reference photos whether live or zoom. A toothbrush or splatter tool . Atomizer . Round and flat brushes Have all your paints handy but the essential colors are as follows. Verditer blue by Holbein Permanent rose or Quin Red by H Quin Red by Sennelier ( yes there is a difference) Translucent orange by Horadam Schminke Scarlet Lake Brown Madder Helio Cereulin HS Manganese hue Cobalt Blue Opera Yellow Ochre HS Gamboge Burnt Sienna Mineral Violet Cobalt Violet Titanium white paint or Casein Royal Blue or Ultra marine Hopefully, this sunny picture with its happy colors will brighten your December days

  • 75 US dollars
  • Villa Serena Inn

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