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LIVE "KAYAKS" with Anne Abgott

I love the colors and the chance to paint the sky, trees, intricate reflections in water and skin!

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LIVE CLASS AT VILLA SERENA: "KAYAKS" with Anne Abgott We all have friends or children who like to Kayak. I love the colors, and the chance to paint sky, trees, reflections in water and skin! So let’s explore repeating colors and maybe changing them a bit! I challenge you to change the colors of the hat or shirt. Then repeat those colors in the shapes of the reflections in the water. Those reflections right now are the colors of her skin, her hat, and her shirt! Oh and we cannot forget that vibrant kayak! Please make a black and white copy of the photo for your value chart. Come to class with the drawing done on paper of your choice and size. I suggest cutting your paper to fit a matte/frame you already have in the house. I will be working smaller than 11x14, perhaps to fit a cradleboard. I'll discuss using cradleboards for your art work rather than framing. I will give you tips and instructions on varnishing your watercolors. Have all your paints handy along with round and flat brushes. Several sized flat brushes will be helpful in this class. I suggest 1/4 and 1/2 along with a lifting tool or scrubber brushes. A masking guide will be provided so that you can do the masking a few days prior to class. Essential paints for this class are as follows. Compose green #1 by Holbein Manganese Blue Antwerp Blue Indigo Any color for the hat: Pink, Peach, Opera, Violet or your choice If you choose Peach: Naples Yellow Holbein and Quin Red Sennelier Cobalt Blue Brown madder Gamboge Auerolin or any cool yellow Perm Rose Verditer Blue Ultra Marine Blue Helio Cerulian by Horadam Schminke Padeo Masking Fluid

  • Starts Apr 24
  • 80 US dollars
  • Villa Serena

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Class cancellations for a full refund may be requested up to 5 days prior to the scheduled day of your selected class. You may reschedule to a different class until 24 hours prior to the class you are canceling.

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  • 7014 Willow Street, Sarasota, FL 34243, USA

    (941) 600-8911

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