Anne Abgott’s “Rubber Plant"

January 12th, 10AM-3PM

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This class is ALL about form and dimension. Creating the turns and twists of a fairly uninteresting plant with value changes and dynamic colors. Please have your drawing done ahead of the class. Have a black and white copy of the photograph hand for value. Please have a camera handy for screenshots! No masking, please Round and flat brushes A scrubber brush or whatever you use to lift or adjust values. Have all your paints handy but the following are essential. Please don’t panic if you don’t have the exact pigment, we will make it work! Verditer Blue Holbein Sap Green Greenish yellow or Green Gold Aureolin yellow Gamboge Opera Permanent Rose Transparent Turquoise or Helio Turquoise Horadam Schminke Antwerp Blue Winsor Newton Helio Cerulean Horadam Transcluent Orange Horadam Cobalt Blue Indigo or Black Deep Sap Green by Daniel Smith or Russian Green by Yarka Undersea Green I look forward to painting this exciting image with you!

  • 5 hours
  • 75 US dollars
  • Villa Serena Inn

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  • 7014 Willow Street, Sarasota, FL 34243, USA

    (941) 600-8911